Oyster Farming – Kay Olin, Panacea Oyster Cooperative

New Interview with Kay Olin: When we see the menu in an oyster bar, we see a list of sources of oysters from across the globe. Usually we order a couple each from different sources. But Florida oyster farms are not likely on the menu – yet. Where restaurants and markets obtain their oysters from […]

Legislators Love Panacea Pearl Oyster at Visit Florida’s street fair

Members of The Panacea Co-Op Corporation, proudly serving their premium product, The Panacea Pearl Oyster, to thousands of legislators, lobbyists and representatives at Visit Florida’s street fair, on Adams Street in downtown Tallahassee.  The crowd loved the Panacea Pearls for their clean, firm, salty and sweet taste, but loved the mission of the Panacea Pearl […]