Dillon Hazel – Co Founder and Director of Operations

Dillon Hazel

Dillon and Rob
  • Co Founder and Director of Operations of Estuary Oysters, LLC
  • Chief Operations Officer of Olin and Associates
  • Owner of American Oyster Company, LLC.
  • Former General Manager of the Clean Energy Technology Center.

Mr. Hazel specializes in start-ups and business development, with proven experience across multiple industries. After graduating from Florida State University in 2013, he began working in the solar industry and found his passion for sustainability and community impact.
Dillon is also an outspoken patriot, and has been using his platform and skill-set to raise awareness and funds for various veteran-focused organizations since 2008.

Dillon married his high school sweetheart, Aubrey, in their hometown of Naples, FL in 2016.

He has made it his mission to change the culture around American seafood by way of the oyster (the keystone species), and to provide a repeatable model by which other oyster ranchers can easily do the same.

Dillon Hazel