2017 FISH 2.0 International Business Competition

Fish 2.0 closed out its 2017 Innovation Forum today by awarding a cash prize to Panacea Oyster Co-Op. The International Business Competition was held in silicon valley (PALO ALTO, CA), where Rob Olin presented the forum with the Panacea Oyster Co-Op story. Mr. Olin provided additional details to judges during a 5-minute question-and-answer sessions on stage at Stanford University. Winners were selected from six regional and two global tracks.


The Co-Op is a great success story because of the synergies in so many areas:

  • People working together for a common cause and economic goal
  • The revival of a keystone species that is needed to preserve our waters
  • The opportunity to build a national brand
  • Partnering with Government, Academic Institutions and Private Business


Specifically, the Panacea Oyster Co-Op provides complete turn-key solutions to its members including Oyster seed, training, compliance, record keeping, distribution and marketing and sales.

The FISH 2.0 forum judges recognized Panacea Oyster Co-Op’s ability to simplifying supply chains while increasing income for fishers and farmers, bringing to market creative approaches to aquaculture production and traceability, and getting consumers excited about seafood.



Visit our website at www.panaceaoysters.com to learn more about how Panacea Oyster Co-Op (South Atlantic and Gulf Coast Shellfish) of Spring Creek, Florida is restoring oyster farming in Apalachicola Bay by creating a unified brand and guaranteeing purchases to farmers.