Rob Olin – Owner

Rob Olin

Owner of Estuary Oysters and Olin and Associates LLC

Oyster Rancher and operator in Spring Creek’s Apalachee Bay

Former CEO and Former Chairman of the Panacea Oyster Co-Op Corporation

Rob Olin

Co-Founder of Tallahassee’s Clean Energy Technology Center

Learned about business development, start-ups and turnarounds in Detroit via radio at ABC (American Broadcast Company).

At 30 years old, moved to Atlanta with Cox Broadcasting and developed Collegiate Sports network sales, which led to leading the turnaround at Georgia Tech Athletics Association marketing and sales.

Married to Florida native (Dixie County) Kay Olin for 25 years (who is an honorary member of the Radio Hall of Fame as a corporate leader and mentor).

He resides in Wakulla County and serves on the FAMU College of Environmental Studies board of directors.

Is committed to leading the largest sustainable coastal community resurrection project in Florida by pioneering the “oyster ranching” program of Apalachee Bay and the largest most biologically diverse and necessary estuary it serves.

Rob Olin his Success Story with Estuary Oysters and Florida’s SBDC